A virus is easy to catch

The popularity of the Apple brand is developing and obtaining the highest positions on a market, it means that the interest among hackers to break Mac is also growing. So what to do and how to be? The main reason, why threaten appears is because of the programs, films, content, which you download from insecure resources. If you use only the Apple store, you can easily survive without antivirus. All you need is to update IOS and apply some safety tools (which you already have on your Mac). If you want to ensure yourself, allow downloading only official apps from the App Store. Choose the incognito window while browsing.

Who needs antivirus?

If you like to test different programs, you should have a protection system and turn it on from time to time. There are so many antiviruses now: BitDefender, Intego Mac. If you don't want to spend money, you can choose more simple and cheaper soft. By the way, be careful with defending programs, install only authentic products, that can work in real-time. It helps to monitor all your actions. Once a week check your Mac health. Do not ignore warnings and always pay attention to the security settings inside of your device. Do not click the links, which come to your email, especially links from the spam folder. Remember, that everything depends on your "social network behavior".

Never think that your Mac is protected 100%

Even if you have all possible programs, it can not give you a 100% guarantee. Yes, such tools will definitely support your Mac. You will be notified in case of threatens, the webpages will be scanned and controlled. However, IOS is a famous system and many hackers are looking for the possibility to attack you. Most often, hackers apply fishing attacks toward emails, crossite scripting or "person inside", PUP, etc. Anyway, if you are a Mac owner, do not relax and do not lose your vigilance on a network.